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Hydropassion specializes in designing products for feeding, cultivating and treating plants. Our production unit is in Finistère in Brittany, the biggest market garden region in France and one of the major locations for plant cultivation. Our research laboratory has all the necessary testing and analysis equipment for developing and perfecting our formulations.

Notre usine de bretagne

Our products undergo rigorous tests before being put on the market, first in the laboratory and then by experienced growers. We regularly control the quality of the raw materials and the manufacturing processes to ensure that our products are free from toxic residues and are always eco-friendly.

hydropassionWe use mainly organic raw materials (seaweed, and plant and marine extracts) of the utmost freshness, which are taken, stored, formulated and packaged by us. This allows us to sell competitive, effective, highly concentrated products that are always of the best quality.

Research and development are essential to create ground-breaking products and introduce new technologies. We therefore use ultra-modern methods to offer concrete, innovative and cost-effective solutions for feeding and protecting plants. These methods will allow you to obtain a maximum yield from your plants while preserving them in perfect health.

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