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All-in-one fertiliser for hydroponic cultivation
Easy Hydroponics GROW and BLOOM is a plant food complex made up of two fertilisers specially adapted for hydroponics. Simple to use and economical too, the Easy Hydroponics fertilisers are ideal and meet the needs of the most demanding modern gardeners.

  • New generation plant food complex.
  • Works with soilless cultivation, plant walls and for tradition cultivation in soil.
  • Concentrated, simple and economic to use.
  • Contains purified seawater to provide natural trace elements.
  • Contains an extract of seaweed ("Macrocystis", a natural plant hormone).
  • Works with soft or hard water.
  • Standardised product made in France. Guarantees faultless quality.


Use good quality water, adjust the pH to around 6.0 with a pH regulator like EASY REGULATOR or 3acidDown. Depending on the growth period, add water to the fertiliser, and stir briskly. To obtain a balanced plant fertiliser, follow the indications in the dosage chart. Use one or two fertilisers depending on the growth period.

Download our recommendations and dosage charts in the Documents section


Shake well before use.
Store in its original packaging, out of the reach of children.
Store away from food and drink, including those for animals.
Wash hands well after applying.
Do not store below 10°C (the product may form crystals at low temperatures).
Only use if really necessary. Do not exceed the recommended doses.


  • Simple to use
  • Completely soluble
  • Contains trace elements
  • Luxurious growth
  • For abundant flowers and fruit
Suitable for
Growing in soil
Foliar spraying
Period of use