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Increases the yield of your plants
Liquid Ocean is developed from natural marine algae extracts (Ascophylum nodosum) with a wealth of natural hormones (auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins). Liquid Ocean is a remarkable growth bio-stimulator and bio-activator which encourages the development of buds and leaves. The product can be applied by foliar spraying and watering (root intake).
It also increases chlorophyll levels (photosynthesis) and activates natural defences against fungi and bacteria through its betaine and oligosaccharide contents. This is why it balances the metabolism of plants subject to stress or phytotoxic effects. The PK elements, especially the potassium contained in Liquid Ocean, play a major role in producing, transporting and storing sugars in the plant. It encourages photosynthesis and intervenes in the acid-alkaline balance of cells. It thus regulates the intercellular exchanges and boosts the plant in its resistance to drought and disease, particularly cryptogamic diseases.

  • ECOCERT-approved NF fertiliser that can be used in organic farming.
  • Increases the number and size of leaves, flowers and fruit.
  • Improves germination, growth and flowering.
  • Contains natural marine algae extracts (Ascophylum nodosum).
  • Contains natural hormones (auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins), betaines and oligosaccharides.
  • Contains sea water purified by the addition of a number of natural trace elements and magnesium.
  • Improves both the quality and flavour of condiment, vegetable, aromatic and medicinal plants.


Spray your plants as soon as leaf growth begins, once or twice a week. During flowering, when the first small flowers or fruits appear, then two weeks later when the buds start to swell. In the soil, Liquid Ocean can be nebulised to reduce stress and improve performance.

Leaf spray

Growth/pre-flowering: Dilute 2ml of Liquid Ocean in a litre of water at room temperature. Spray the plants thoroughly during the dormant period, under and on the leaves.Never spray in strong sunlight or heat.


To obtain vigorous cuttings and prepare the plant for cuttings, spray a solution of 2ml of Liquid Ocean per litre of water on the parent plant, two weeks before taking cuttings.

Rock wool treatment

Prepare a sufficient quantity of water. For every litre of water (pH5.5) add 1ml of Liquid Ocean.Soak the rock wool completely in the solution, then leave to drain. Place the plants and spray with the leaf spray solution.

Pots and hydroponics

Growth/flowering, in addition to your usual fertilising methods, for 10 litres of water add 1-2ml of Liquid Ocean. Shake well before use.


- Keep in the original packaging out of reach of children.- Shake well before use.- Keep away from food and drink, including for animals.- Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash your hands after use.


  • Growth bio-activator
  • Anti-stress (heat and lack of water)
  • Contains natural plant hormones
  • Optimises flowering
  • Stimulates growth
  • Rich in natural substances
NPK: 2-3-5
Suitable for
Growing in soil
Foliar spraying
Period of use