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Advanced nutritive programme for outstanding results
MASTER GROWER is a ground-breaking fertilisation programme, the result of scientific research and laboratory tests, which offers amateur and professional gardeners products of quality and remarkable nutritive richness.
We manufacture our fertilisers from a new generation of formulations and using first-class ingredients, highly-purified minerals combined with natural plant and marine additives. All these substances act in perfect synergy to give birth to a nutritive complex that improves both the quality and flavour of condiment, vegetable, aromatic and medicinal plants.

  • High-quality EC fertiliser.
  • Concentrated formulation with stable pH, extra-pure mineral salts and natural additives.
  • Calcium enriched.
  • Contains sea water purified by the addition of natural trace elements and magnesium.
  • Contains an algae extract - Macrocystis - which is naturally rich in plant hormones.
  • Improves growth and increases crop yield and quality.
  • Highly-efficient formula, very simple to use.
  • Effective for all types of crop.


VEGETATIVE GROW can be used alone when growing starts, then in combination in varied proportions with FLOWERING STAGE for a balanced feed perfect for the different growing and flowering cycles. For exacerbated development of the root system, use VITAROOTS at the first sign of rooting. To increase quality and yield, add MASSIVE BLOOM from the third week of flowering.Choose quality fresh or osmosed water.Regulate the pH of the water. In hydroponic, aeroponic and coco cultures, the nutritive solution must have a pH of between 5.6 and 5.8. A pH of between 5.8 and 6.5 is better for rockwool. Add the products one by one to the water and mix vigorously between each addition. Regulate the pH if necessary. Check the EC and pH of your solution regularly.Download our advice sheets and dose tables in the Documents tab


Read the instructions and recommendations for use carefully before any use.- Shake well before use.- Keep in the original packaging out of reach of children.- Keep away from food and drink, including for animals.- Wash your hands after use.- Do not store at less than 5°C (product may crystallise at low temperature).


  • Easy and economical to use.
  • Exclusive, ultra-pure and highly-assimilable formulation.
  • Contains extracts of seawater, essential oils and algae.
  • Full, two-part organo-mineral fertiliser.
  • Outstanding yield and quality.
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