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Ultra-vitalising complex and root system activator
Xtra Roots is root bio-activator growth fertiliser with an exclusive formulation based on a combination of highly-assimilable chelated iron (DTPA) and organic substances (plant extracts, marine algae and organic acids). The complex has many compounds that are especially effective for the massive development of healthy roots and strong plant growth.
Xtra Roots has nutrients of exceptional quality that provide considerable energy and optimise the activation of natural defences. These elements act on the physiological functions of the plant by improving hydric and mineral absorption and encouraging exacerbated development of root-hairs and roots. Xtra Roots provides a large number of compounds: polysaccharides, homofucans, stable polyphenolic complexes, pure extract of humic (2,6%) and fulvic (0,6%) acids, amino acids and vitamins (C, B1). A cocktail of substances which act in total synergy for rapid and vigorous root growth.

  • Concentrated NF fertiliser (0.25 to 0.5 ml/L), economic and simple to use.
  • Stimulates rapid, massive development of root-hairs and healthy roots as well as strong plant growth.
  • Activates the natural defences and increases resistance to diseases and stress.
  • Revitalises cuttings and stressed young shoots.
  • Optimises hydric and mineral absorption.
  • Anti-yellowing of cuttings and young shoots. Powerful action on roots, leaves and stem.
  • Nutrients of very high quality encouraging the production of enzymes.
  • Effective for all types of crop.


Use XTRA ROOTS as a leaf spray before the roots appear and as a supplement to the nutritive solution at the first sign of rooting. For strong, accelerated plant growth, use XTRA ROOTS throughout the growth period until the end of the pre-flowering phase.- With each preparation or nutritive solution supplement, in addition to the normal nutritive programme.

Before roots appear

Dilute 0.25 to 0.50 ml of XTRA ROOTS in one litre of water at ambient temperature and apply once using a sprayer.

After roots appear

Add 2.5 to 5 ml of XTRA ROOTS to 10 L of nutritive solution. Use in addition to your normal nutritive programme until the end of the growing period.


Shake well before use. Fertilizer contains trace elements. Only use when needed; do not exceed prescribed dosage. Keep in its original packaging, away from children. Keep away from food and beverages, including those for animals. Avoid contact with skin and eyes. Wash hands after applying. Do not store under 5°C (product poses risk of crystallizing at low temperatures). Dispose of contents/receptacle according to local legislation.


  • New exclusive formulation.
  • Extremely high-quality formulation.
  • Contains selected amino acids.
  • Enriched with vitamin C, B1.
  • Plant extracts, extract of marine algae.
  • Pure extract of humic (2,6%) and fulvic (0,6%) acids.
NPK: 2-0-5
Suitable for
Growing in soil
Foliar spraying
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