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Super boost for massive flowering
MASSIVE BLOOM is a high-quality stimulating fertilizer and flowering accelerator, the result of scientific research and laboratory tests, which offers amateur and professional gardeners a product with unbeatable power. The MASSIVE BLOOM formulation is a knowledgeable blend of major P/K elements of the highest possible quality, extra purified and highly assimilable, which we have combined with natural marine trace elements, bio stimulant additives and numerous vitamins to produce a very effective organo-mineral synergy. Designed to increase yield and develop active substances and essential oils, this unique new-generation formula provides plants with extra energy and vitality for massive bud development.

  • PK 50-33. The most powerful flowering stimulator on the market
  • Contains an extract of Spiruline (natural vitamins) and L-ascorbic (vitamin C)
  • Contains a seawater extract to input natural trace elements
  • Soluble powder to be diluted. Easy to prepare and economical (0.3 g/L)
  • Ultra-assimilable formulation.
  • Does not degrade. May be stored for more than 36 months


MASSIVE BLOOM provides all the elements need to activate the flowering processes strongly. It initiates the ripening and maturing processes in fruit and flowers by encouraging growth and cellular division. MASSIVE BLOOM is very easy and economical to use. A 100 g box is enough to prepare over 300 litres of nutritive solution!May be applied directly to roots as an additive in the nutritive solution.Use from the 3rd week of flowering once a week until flowering has finished. Stop using one week before harvesting. Use as a supplement to your normal fertiliser.

Hydroponic and aeroponic culture

1 input/week maximum. And every time the tank is filled.0.3 g/litre of water. I.e. 3 g for ten litres. Use as a supplement to your normal nutritive programme.Stop using one week before harvesting.

Soil culture

1 input/week maximum.0.3 g/litre of water. I.e. 3 g for ten litres. Use as a supplement to your normal nutritive programme.Stop using one week before harvesting.


- Keep in the original packaging, away from damp and out of reach of children.- Keep away from food and drink, including for animals.- Avoid contact with skin and eyes.- Wash your hands after use.- If swallowed, consult a doctor immediately and show him the packaging or label.- Store between +5 and +40°C.


  • To increase the volume of flowers and fruit
  • Ultra-soluble formulation specific for flowering.
  • Contains extracts of seawater and spiruline.
  • Enriched with vitamin C.
  • Economical: 100 g = +300 litres of nutritive solution.
NPK: 0-50-33
Suitable for
Growing in soil
Foliar spraying
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