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Hydropassion Catalogue

Mix Hydrocrystal with your substrate to limit the amount of watering, save water and obtain better soil ventilation. It retains water and thus reduces the frequency of watering by 30-50%. It helps plants to establish and grow and remains effective for a minimum of two years.
Xtra Roots is root bio-activator growth fertiliser with an exclusive formulation based on a combination of highly-assimilable chelated iron (DTPA) and organic substances (plant extracts, marine algae and organic acids).
3Acid down is an efficient, economic, easy to use product, designed to lower the pH in the nutritional solution. Its perfect mixture of three high quality acids ensures a stable pH. 3acid down is efficient during the growing and flowering period and ensures lasting stability of the pH in soft or hard water.
Liquid Ocean is developed from natural marine algae extracts (Ascophylum nodosum) with a wealth of natural hormones (auxins, cytokinins and gibberellins). Liquid Ocean is a remarkable growth bio-stimulator and bio-activator which encourages the development of buds and leaves. The product can be applied by foliar spraying and watering (root intake).

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