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Hydropassion Catalogue

Prime Sugar increases sugar content, taste and flavour. Used with Organic Farming, it improves flowering, harvest yields, quality and fruit development. Its targeted action encourages the production of carbohydrates and proteins, all while optimising their transport to the plants' reproductive parts. Prime Sugar activates the physiological functions of plants and improves the quality and efficiency of the nutrient solution.
MASTER GROWER is a ground-breaking fertilisation programme, the result of scientific research and laboratory tests, which offers amateur and professional gardeners products of quality and remarkable nutritive richness.
Decontaminant, disinfectant, sterilising and cleaning, Oxyboost is a highly-effective biocide. OxyBoost contains top grade hydrogen peroxide to guarantee optimum effectiveness for the user.
Available in concentrated or ready-to-use version, Insect Eliminator can be used by spraying or misting in the rooms to be treated and inside the house (on wood, terraces, cupboards, walls, floors, etc.) and inside farm buildings.

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