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mc4 est un produit homologué à l'efficacité reconnue, dont l'action très ciblée permet d'améliorer la capacité des végétaux à absorber l'eau et les nutriments.
With its very compact size, the mini garden can be installed almost anywhere. In the kitchen all the family can enjoy freshly picked herbs and spices all year round. On a balcony, the mini garden will produce magnificent decorative plants or varieties of fruit like tomatoes or strawberries.
Easy Hydroponics GROW and BLOOM is a plant food complex made up of two fertilisers specially adapted for hydroponics. Simple to use and economical too, the Easy Hydroponics fertilisers are ideal and meet the needs of the most demanding modern gardeners.
EASY REGULATOR is an efficient, easy to use product specially designed to consistently lower the pH in the watering or feed solutions for hydroponic growing media.

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