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Your Pro benefits
Hydropassion has created its Pro Accounts with you in mind, as only professionals are granted access. We hope that this tool will help our users to work more efficiently and with greater convenience, from order to delivery, through our product follow-up and support services.

Your order in a few clicks
Consult Pro price lists online, place or simulate your order using a sliding price scale, net of tax, inclusive of all taxes, etc – your quote is instant. Thanks to our “rapid order” system, you can order several different products at the same time on a single page.

Faster and more efficient!
It is much more convenient for our professional customers to be able to order online. It is simple and speedy, and you will be advised by email when your goods are processed and shipped.

Everything at your fingertips
Ordering is not everything. We have also thought of your other requirements!
Your Pro account gives you access to the “Extras” section, which contains everything you need to promote our products efficiently: images, PDF files, logos and other “goodies”.

A little bit more?
We are not satisfied with simply offering you practical benefits – we want to take it further. Thanks to your free samples subscription, you will enjoy previews of our new products throughout the year, as well as receive advertising materials for your shops.